Tailored Anti-Aging Nutritional Therapies

By Dr. Samoon Ahmad

Whether you’re interested in losing weight or caring for your healthy skin, lifestyle choices can make all the difference. Diet, exercise, stress – these things and more combine during your day-to-day life to create the lifestyle factors that will determine how your waistline and skin alike appear to the public. In fact, your waistline and skin alike tend to benefit from the same lifestyle changes! Staying well hydrated, eating quality fruits and vegetables, exercising regularly…all of these things are linked to a youthful glow as well as a slimmer waistline. But what can be done if you’ve tried again and again, without success, to stick to a routine designed to address these needs?

For many people, a source of difficulty in reaching these goals is meal preparation. If preparing meals and measuring portion sizes is not for you, then meal replacement therapies combined with vitamins and nutritional supplements may be your answer. Meal replacements help you safely and efficiently lose weight by using shakes, bars, and other “snack” foods to supplement or supplant your own regular food. Dr. Samoon Ahmad assists his patients through tailored anti-aging nutritional therapies that are specifically designed to meet their individual needs. 

As a certified provider of Metagenics FirstLine Therapy, Dr. Samoon has seen how regular supplements and helpful tools assist patients in his care. They act as a “lifestyle medicine”, designed to provide healthy, nutritious foods that satisfy your cravings. Combined with professional guidance,meal replacement therapies can get you out of your weight loss rut for good – and even help to stave off dietary-related aging concerns! Even better, from heart health to glucose control to stress manage, Dr. Samoon Ahmad can help everyone address their personal health concerns through education, nutritional products and analysis.
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