Disaster Relief for Kids, a non-profit organization

Dr. Ahmad is the founder and president of Disaster Relief for Kids, a non-profit organization that helps children in disaster stricken areas of the world.


Pakistan earthquake


Filmmaking & Photography

Dr. Ahmad’s interest in photography led him to shoot and direct a short film in the Earthquake region of Kashmir in Pakistan. Not trained as a professional filmmaker, yet as a one-person team, he interviewed, videotaped and photographed the people of this region to document the impact of disaster on the individuals, families and community there. He brings a unique perspective to report the horrific circumstances and life stories of those impacted by one of the worst disasters known to this region. This work over the past five years has provided material for his lectures and film on post-disaster traumatic experiences and resilience factors.


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The Wrath of God: A Faith-Based Survival Paradigm, a  film written and directed by Dr. Ahmad on posttraumatic stress disorder in the earthquake survivors in the northwest region of Pakistan, won the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies’ Frank Ochberg Award, and has been shown both nationally and internationally at various medical and media forums. A second movieThe War on Terror, currently in production, is a geopolitical story about the turmoil and terrorism in South Asia. More information on Dr. Ahmad’s current projects can be found on the DRFK website or by clicking here.

Pakistan: Earthquake Survivors