Nutrition and Weight Loss

The most effective weight loss programs are those that combine diet, exercise, and psychological intervention.

At the Integrative Center for Wellness, Dr. Samoon Ahmad is able to guide patients through a weight loss program that focuses on all three of these influencing factors.


It’s a individualized program designed to create long-term healthy living results in a healthy, holistic manner – rather than create short-term weight loss. With this goal in mind, our therapies address what we believe to be the most important factors behind a patient’s weight:

  • Their current diet: There is no denying that many Americans today eat a less than ideal diet. Excess sugar, empty calories, and an overall lack of proper nutrition all influence the weight and health. Education on what to eat and what to avoid is a key part of any dietary change.
  • Why they eat: At a basic level, we eat food to function and take care of ourselves. But ask yourself – do you always eat just to satisfy this basic need? Deadlines at work, fights at home, poor sleep…there are multiple reasons why we want certain foods over others. The Integrative Center for Wellness aims to take the next step in weight loss by helping our patients address these triggers.


Dr. Ahmad’s philosophy that every patient is unique is also the foundation of his personalized approach to weight loss. Each patient undergoes detailed body composition testing to help identify individual needs based on the patient’s genetics, metabolism, and more.

Learn more about body composition analysis.

Only after this do patients receive balanced medical, dietary, and psychological support. Food preparation, portion control education, and personal counseling for behavior modification are each a part of the Integrative Center for Wellness’ approach to ideal wellness and weight loss.

Weight Loss Programs

Our programs and approach to nutritional wellness and weight loss are designed to help you make healthy, lifelong changes to your daily eating and exercise patterns.

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