Smoking Cessation

Quitting isn’t a pipe dream. Choose your future.

Why should I quit?

Tobacco dependence is the most common preventable cause of death in the world. About half of life-long smokers die of tobacco-related health issues. Cigarette smoke contains more than 7,000 chemicals; hundreds are toxic and 70 are known to cause cancer.

Yet those who successfully quit smoking can add up to eight years to their life. The positive health changes are apparent almost immediately. Within 24 hours, the risk of heart attack drops. In two weeks, lung function begins to improve. And within a year, the risk of heart disease decreases by 50%.

How should I quit?

Tobacco dependence is a chronic condition that requires diligent self-control and mental perseverance to conquer. Two-thirds of smokers say they want to quit; every year, more than half try. Those who go it alone succeed only 5% of the time. Those who seek the support of structured programs and medication succeed closer to 40% of the time.

The smoking cessation program at the Center for Integrative Wellness guides clients through the difficult process with reassuring expertise. Dr. Ahmad’s twenty-plus years of clinical experience in medicine and psychiatry provide the ideal platform to successfully quit smoking.

Throwing out your last pack of cigarettes is a cathartic act, but it is only the start. Dr. Ahmad utilizes his proficiency in behavioral therapy and his industry-revered knowledge of psychopharmocology to help manage cravings and withdrawal symptoms effectively for the long term.

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