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Dr. Ahmad and Center for Integrative Wellness have been recognized by peers, media, and authorities in health and wellness. Below you will find both accolades and published works featuring our expertise.

Frank Ochberg Award for Media and Trauma Study

This award was given for the film on post-traumatic stress disorder in survivors of the October 2005 Earthquake in Kashmir and Pakistan.
Dr. Ahmad’s film and photography from a region of Kashmir in Pakistan devastated by war and an earthquake.

In the Media

November 2023 – Science Line, Can you take antidepressants with your other medications?

January 2023 – Creaky Joints, A Guide to Setting Boundaries if You’re a People-Pleaser

October 2022 – Creaky Joints, How Your Mental Health Can Affect Your Risk of Long COVID — and How to Maintain a Healthy Baseline 

July 2022 – Drug Discovery and Development, Can the U.S. unify around psychedelics for mental health?

June 2022 – The Daily News, Health Professionals Need Post Covid Help

May 2022 –  The Ferguson Library, Understanding Stress 

May 2022 – WHIV, FM, Living Well in The Big Easy

May 2022 –  AARP, Health Officials Discuss COVID-19’s Impact on Older Adults’ Mental Health in Latest Tele-Town Hall

January 2022 – AARP, Omicron is Adding Fuel to the Mental Health Crisis

August 2021 – Yahoo! Finance, The Cannabis-COVID Connection:  What We Know and What We Don’t Know

August 2021 –  Medscape, Obesity Leads to Depression via Social and Metabolic Factors

July 2021 – Bloomberg, Precision Pot Takes Aim at Unpredictable Highs

June 2021 – Thinking Outside the Bud, podcast

May 2021 – Medscape, ‘Calcium Imbalance’ Linked to Bipolar Severity

May 2021 – WebMD, Poll Shows Worsening Impact of COVID on Mental Health

May 2021 – Medscape, National Poll Shows ‘Concerning’ Impact of COVID on Americans’ Mental Health

April 2021 – MDEdge, Antipsychotics protective against COVID-19?

April 2021 – Webinar: Well RIght, Recognizing and Overcoming Pandemic Stress: What We’ve Learned One Year Later

April 2021 – Well Right, COVID – 19 and Mental Health

April 2021 – Medscape, Antipsychotics Protective Against COVID-19?

April 2021 – The Soul of Life, Marijuana:  Facts and Fiction

April 2021 – MedPage Today, Beyond CBD, THC: ‘Minor’ Cannabinoids Flood Market

April 2021 – World at Large, Scientists and CEOs Expand Grey Markets of Cannabis to Break the FDA Stranglehold on the Medical Field

March 2021 – Tennessee Journalist, UT students’ pursuit of mindfulness amidst COVID-19 chaos

March 2021 – NY Branch NAACP Next Gen, New Lens to a Next Step: Legalization of Marijuana in NY State

February 2021 –  Webinar:  NY Branch NAACP NextGen presents, “Let’s Talk Marijuana Legalization

February 2021 – Medscape, Women Increasingly Turn to CBD, With or Without Doc’s Blessing

January 2021 – High Society with Paxton Quigley, Why Don’t Doctors Understand Medical Marijuana?

January 2021 – Bedrocan, Comprehensive clinical handbook on medical cannabis

November 2020 – KevinMD podcast, COVID-related stressors and increasing instances of substance abuse

October 2020 – MEDPAGE Today, Docs Develop Clinical Guides for Medical Cannabis— Physicians strive to provide guidance as patients increasingly ask about treatment

October 2020 – Cannabis Law Review, Discussion With Dr. Samoon Ahmad, Co-Author of Medical Marijuana: A Clinical Handbook

September 2020 – Edge of Cannabis Medicine podcast, A Clinical Handbook for Medical Cannabis

September 2020 – Concierge for Better Living podcast, Medical Marijuana:  A Clinical Handbook

September 2020 – Green Market Report, Friday Book Club:  Medical Marijuana: A Clinical Handbook

June 2020 – NYCitywoman, Expert Advice on Hemp, Marijuana, and CBD How they’re similar, how they’re different, and what you need to know.

May 2020 – US News & World Report, Understanding the Link Between Insulin Resistance and Alzheimer’s Disease

May 2020 – Respada, Navigating the Stress of Success

February 2019 – Organic Authority, Why the Secret to Your Mental Health Is in Your Gut

February 2019 – CannabisMD, CBD for Anxiety: Is It Right for You?

February 2019 – CannabisMD,  The Sports World Is Changing Its Mind About CBD and Cannabis

January 2019 – CannabisMD, CBD Can Affect Your Sleep, But Not In the Way You’d Think

December 2018 – Organic Authority, 10 Clinically Tested Supplements, and Remedies That Combat Anxiety Naturally

June 2018 –, “As social media culture becomes normalized, setting goals becomes psychologically distressing”

May 2018 –  The Washington Post, “Suicide rates for black children twice that of white children, new data show

July 2012 – HealthTap, “Introducing Dr. Samoon Ahmad, A Notable and Founding Medical Expert

September 2001 – Columbia, The Journalism School, “Terror and Response

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Dr. Ahmad’s film and photography from a region of Kashmir in Pakistan devastated by war and an earthquake

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