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Social Media and Resiliency

by Samoon Ahmad • March 20, 2024

As seen on Psychology Today. Within psychiatry, resiliency is oftentimes framed as an ability to go through a traumatic experience without developing a trauma- or stressor-related disorder, the most well-known of which is posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It turns out, most people are resilient in this regard. Within the United States, an estimated 82.7 percent […]

Is Ketamine Safe?

by Samoon Ahmad • March 20, 2024

As see on Psychology Today. There are millions of Americans living with major depressive disorder. Unfortunately, many struggle with suicidal thoughts, over 1 million attempted suicide last year, and approximately 50,000 individuals took their own lives in 2023. While alternative treatments abound, one of the most promising is ketamine. However, following the death of Matthew […]

Recognizing Mental Illness by Voice

by Samoon Ahmad • February 13, 2024

As seen on Psychology Today. One of the most common diagnostic tools used by clinicians is pattern recognition. When a clinician repeatedly sees patients with identical clusters of signs and symptoms, and these patients are repeatedly being diagnosed with the same illness, it is reasonable to assume that a new patient exhibiting the same cluster […]