Psychiatric Appointment and Evaluation

Every patient is a unique function of both their genetics and environment, and no standardized method of treatment will successfully combat an illness as complex as a psychiatric disorder. The Integrative Center for Wellness believes in healthcare, not sickcare, and you will be treated as such. Dr. Ahmad personally interviews and evaluates each individual.

Your first appointment

The initial evaluation begins with a questionnaire developed to help Dr. Ahmad focus on specific needs and relevant medical history. Many patients have co-morbid medical illnesses that require dialogue between Dr. Ahmad and other treatment providers to clarify diagnostic issues and streamline medication management.

Dr. Ahmad then assesses genetic, neurological, metabolic, and environmental factors to provide the level of personalization necessary to correctly diagnose and treat them effectively.

A recommended saliva-based genetics test makes it easier to predict the rate of drug metabolism in individuals. In other words, it tells us which medicines at which doses are most likely to aid the treatment process and which medicines might trigger adverse effects – all without the use of needles.

Many psychiatric conditions are also associated with some degree of cognitive impairment. A neurocognitive assessment helps determine cognitive (and emotional) impairment or disturbance by examining the role of various brain areas and their associated functions. The initial appointment will last between 45 to 60 minutes. A second evaluation may be needed for collateral information and testing.

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