Metagenics FirstLine Therapy

The most important factor in sustained weight loss is a permanent change to your lifestyle.

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About Metagenics

Dr. Ahmad is a certified provider of Metagenics FirstLine Therapy, a program designed by healthcare professionals to help individuals return to a path of extended fitness. Metagenics FirstLine Therapy is a 12-week program aimed at lowering the risk of diabetes and heart conditions, promoting health and managing chronic illness. FirstLine may be the perfect fit for accomplishing your personal wellness goals if you have three of the following five markers:

1. Elevated waist circumference
2. Elevated triglycerides
3. Reduced “good” cholesterol
4. Elevated blood pressure
5. Elevated fasting glucose

How It Works

Scientific experts at the Jeffrey S. Bland Science Center have used the latest genomic and proteomic technologies to identify plant-based derivatives and nutrients which positively influence health in uniquely and predictably safe ways. Metagenics uses these discoveries as the foundation for the nutritional supplement aspect of FirstLine. UltraMeal is the line of medical food using only natural ingredients that FirstLine has developed to support the management of obesity, cardiovascular health, insulin resistance and altered body composition. This is done through:

  • Low glycemic index ensuring proper blood sugar levels
  • High fiber content supporting gastrointestinal health
  • 600 mg per serving of dairy-free calcium reducing rate of bone loss and protecting bone strength.

The educational portion of FirstLine teaches how to shop for and prepare healthy, nutritious foods that satisfy rather than increase your cravings and how to exercise in a way that gets rid of unwanted fat and replaces it with muscle.

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