Body Composition Analysis

Anyone, ranging from professional athletes to patients struggling with obesity, will benefit from improved body composition.

Body composition measures the percentage of fat in a person’s body compared to its fat-free mass, such as bone, water and muscle. Improving the ratio of muscle to fat will make the body healthier and perform better.

Why does it matter?

The scale might say you’ve lost ten pounds, but ten pounds of what? It very well could be lost muscle, not lost fat. A body composition analysis provides us with a more detailed map of your physique. Knowing the specific body mass levels allows Dr. Ahmad to tailor a patient’s diet and exercise routine to stabilize each of the body’s components (muscle, fat and water) at a healthy percentage. Body composition analysis is not only for those dealing with obesity; a healthy body composition helps lower the risk for cardiovascular diseases that have been linked to non-essential fats.

There are many uses of body composition analysis in medical research and practice.

Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis

At the Integrative Center for Wellness, body composition is measured using Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis with the state-of-the-art Bodystat Quadscan 4000. Its minimally-invasive testing and regularly-distributed objective measurements allow patients to see improvements over the course of the treatment.  Learn more about the Bodystat Quadscan

Sports Performance Analysis

Body composition analysis can be used to determine personalized athletic wellness plans.

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