More and more scientific research is linking brain chemistry with physical health – our bodies and brains are integrated in a complex manner. The Integrative Center for Wellness seeks to ensure and maintain the optimal nutritional foundation for our clients in an effort to balance physical health with mental well-being.

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Who We Are

Dr. Ahmad’s more than two decades of clinical experience in medicine and psychiatry provide the ideal platform to address all aspects of an individual’s physical and mental health. Healthy eating habits, efficient exercise routines and ideal body composition are several of the core components Dr. Ahmad will oversee to improve the synergy between the physical and mental domains.

Who We Help

The Center offers consultation to patients ranging from professional athletes to the obese to the average New Yorker. Everyone benefits from a healthy body. Dr. Ahmad’s Vital Balance Weight Management Plan has been hugely successful in helping patients of all shapes and sizes eat, live and look healthier.

He is also a preferred provider for elite athletes, including the NFL Players Association, developing personalized athletic wellness plans based on body composition.