Air Pollution and Depression: Understanding the mechanisms behind the connection

by Samoon Ahmad • May 4, 2023

As seen in Psychology Today. Air pollution is a major problem throughout the world. There is a wide range of pollutants to which people can be exposed. Some chemicals, like those released in chemical spills or industrial fires, cause acute discomfort and illness even in relatively low concentrations. Other pollutants—like carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen dioxide […]

Treating Mental Illness as a Chronic Disease: Reimagining care in psychiatry.

by Samoon Ahmad • March 28, 2023

As seen in Psychology Today. Within the last 100 years, advances in the field of medicine have been nothing short of miraculous. Our understanding of disease, anatomy, and the intricacies of the central nervous system has grown in leaps and bounds, and our ability to quickly diagnose and cure a multitude of diseases would have been considered […]

Why Depression Treatments Sometimes Fail: Major depressive disorder remains a diagnostic chameleon.

by Samoon Ahmad • March 28, 2023

As seen in Psychology Today. A bombshell went off in psychiatry last year when Moncrieff and colleagues’ systematic review in Molecular Psychiatry concluded, “We suggest it is time to acknowledge that the serotonin theory of depression is not empirically substantiated.” Their review revealed that there is a lack of good science to support the notion […]