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How to Achieve Effective Long-Term Weight Loss

Swimsuit season is nearly here, which means it’s time to try out that latest diet, right?

Not so fast.

There’s more to weight loss than simply picking an intense diet or exercise regimen. The allure of getting a “beach body” in time for summer is a short-minded goal that undermines the true benefits of healthy weight management. Opt for long-lasting healthy […]

The Psychology of Weight Loss: It’s About More Than What You Eat!

 It seems as if every other article appearing in the news today is focused on weight-related concerns. Most famously, “The Biggest Loser” came under fire after new research into the current metabolic functions of its contestants was released. But plenty of other weight-related stories are also appearing right now. For example, CNN recently reported that 18% of men and […]

Weight, Resolutions, And Stress: Why New Year Weight Loss Goals Often Fail

 “I want to lose weight.” Every December, this single sentence becomes a goal for an upcoming New Year. Polls confirm that weight loss is the most common New Year’s resolution. Yet, every year, the majority of hopeful people who pledge to drop a few pounds don’t succeed in doing so. Why does this happen?

There are a number of […]

Weight loss through exercise alone is a myth

A recent commentary published in the Journal of Sports Medicine emphasizes the crucial role of food choices and diet quality in the fight against weight gain. Even though exercise plays an essential role, it does not alone counteract the effects of poor dietary choices. The amount of excessive calories we consume daily is too high to be burned by […]

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UK study: Personalized diet plans more likely to lead to successful weight loss.

In a recent study conducted in the UK, researchers explored the role of individualized diet plans in people’s efforts to lose weight. Seventy-five participants were divided into three groups based on their individual eating patterns.
In feasters, who after they started eating had a hard time stopping, the researchers found a hormonal dysregulation in the gut. These hormones are responsible […]

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