At the Integrative Center for Wellness, we offer holistic, tailored treatment plans that address multiple aspects of our patients’ health needs. Why? Because optimizing a plan of action requires more than a list of steps to reach that goal. It also requires careful analysis of the health factors likely to influence a patient’s ability to reach that goal along the way.

Last month, for example, we highlighted three factors that are likely to impact the extremely common goal of “losing weight.” In this example, it’s not enough to cut calories if you want to improve your health through weight loss; our mental health, daily habits, and even the ways our bodies physically respond to changes in diet are each a major influencer that’s considered in our tailored treatment plans to help patients address their ultimate goal of reaching a healthy weight.

And these key factors have the power to affect any major wellness goal – not just weight loss. The way we go about our day, our mental health and general response to stress factors, and even the way our bodies respond to our diets are all likely to influence physical and mental health goals alike. After all, physical and mental health are intrinsically linked – especially when addressing nutritional needs.

But what if we told you those aren’t the only things you need to consider when addressing wellness goals? While those initial three factors are important, there are a couple other, less well-known factors that also make a huge difference in patients’ efforts to address both physical and mental health goals. Here’s what we have found:

  • We are what we eat. Or rather, the microbiota in our guts are what we eat! The term “microbiota” refers to the numerous microbes that naturally live within our guts. These little guys naturally influence numerous aspects of our health – vitamin production, immune system function, our weight, and more. And new research is further studying the ways in which these tiny beings even affect our moods. Microbiota are strongly influenced by our diets and the quality of the food that we eat; and, as you can see, the health of our gut’s microbiota is able to influence many aspects of our health. Understanding the state of your microbiota, therefore, is definitely something we like to consider when evaluating our patients’ wellness goals.
  • Our neurochemistry matters. When treating our patients, we always want to consider each individual’s neurochemistry – that is, how someone’s neurotransmitters and neurochemicals are likely to interact with and influence the entire body overall. This is particularly important to consider if patients are with us for mental health care. If, say, a patient is going to respond more quickly to Medication B, their treatment plan should take this into consideration, rather than automatically giving them Medication A.

General mental wellness. Physical responses to daily triggers. Our routines. Our nervous systems. And our gut health. It’s incredible to think about how many different factors impact the way we feel every day. And at the Center for Wellness, our job and philosophy is to help our patients consider each of these points and to use them to their advantage. Whether a patient requires a prescription for a mental illness, or they want to use their diet to address and manage obesity or chronic diseases, these are influencers that can affect every patient’s treatment plans.

Every patient who comes to us is consulted and spoken with individually about their history, their genetics, their lifestyle, their objectives, and their intentions. Only after this one-on-one discussion will we create a custom-tailored, holistic plan that will leave you better prepared to be on your way to a healthier you!

Ready to start your journey to wellness? Contact us to make an appointment or to inquire about a free consultation that will explore how you can begin down the path to wellness today!