At the Integrative Center for Wellness, we believe that “Spring cleaning” is about more than cleaning out your home or apartment. Our bodies also deserve a little TLC during this time of renewal.

 Our physical health is dependent on the body’s ability to do its job. Yet, day in and day out, our bodies are exposed to toxins that have the potential to affect our overall health in a very negative way. And if you personally are feeling achy, tired, and unfocused, your body may be dealing with this very problem.

Understanding Toxin Exposure: What Is A Toxin?

The term “Toxins” refers to any chemical, metal, or similar byproduct that can interfere with the human body’s ability to perform bodily functions normally. Persistent organic pollutants, for example, are an example of well documented, long-lasting chemicals that have the ability to pollute the human body long after their initial use.

But, as highlighted by the CDC’s National Report on Human Exposure to Environmental Chemicals, these are far from being the only chemicals present in our daily lives.

The unfortunate reality is that you are exposed to various toxins on a daily basis. This exposure is worse if you live near heavy pollution or pesticide spraying, eat poor quality food, drink unfiltered water, or live in a moldy house. And, by their nature, the toxins we’re exposed to are likely to be stored in your body’s own tissues – building up to a dangerous level.


Addressing Toxins: A Natural Defense

The human body has evolved specifically to try to preserve your health. So, normally, our bodies are able to remove chemicals and pollutants. This is done through an intricate process, where your liver, lymphatic system, kidneys, and digestive tract work together to clear out unwanted toxins.

Unfortunately, in today’s world, the volume of toxins we are regularly exposed to is likely to overwhelm our natural defenses. To complicate matters, the average American’s sedentary lifestyle – coupled with an unhealthy diet lacking in proper nutrients – is likely to exacerbate the problem. As a result, toxin exposure is more likely to create symptoms in sufferers, such as:

  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Headaches
  • Cognitive Problems
  • Balance problems

These symptoms are just the beginning, unfortunately. Allergies, diabetes, obesity, chronic infections – these diseases and more are all associated with excessive toxic burden.


Addressing Toxins: A Medical Solution

Clearly, something needs to be done to help our bodies better address the toxins in our environment. This need is coming to attention of experts and patients alike. As a result, detoxes and cleanses are coming to the front of healthcare treatment methods as more individuals are looking to avoid the effects of high toxin levels.

This is not to say that every detox will work. Unfortunately, the detox phenomenon has become a bit of a fad – with many programs failing to incorporate the key parts of a useful detox into their plans. When carried out properly, however, a detox can enhance the body’s natural metabolic detoxification process – supporting the liver, kidneys and digestive tract while giving the body a boost of energy to help you tackle your day-to-day schedule.

At the Integrative Center for Wellness, we believe in providing personalized detox treatments that will make you feel great and address your health needs simultaneously. Practitioner Dr. Samoon Ahmad ensures that every patient receives the necessary care and detox they need by considering your individual behavioral metabolic factors, and using them to develop a plan for positive change.

When working with an individual who is concerned about their exposure to toxins, Dr. Samoon will explore everything from their family history of sensitivities to food or chemicals, to your current physical state of being. This includes your weight, your physical aches and pains, and even those feelings of “Monday Blues” that are holding you back.

Why take these points and more into account? Because your diet, environment, and personal history all deserve attention when identifying the ways in which we can help you reach your healthiest potential. And your current health is a critical factor in determining just the type of detox your body will benefit from. By creating a full picture of your physical, psychiatric and genetic predisposition, we are ultimately able to create the best approach for long lasting solutions to toxic exposure – an approach designed to address both your immediate and your future needs.
Are you interested in undergoing a spring detox? Dr. Samoon is happy to work with you to determine which products will best meet your particular needs, depending on your current natural detoxification ability and health status. Contact the Integrative Center for Wellness today to get to work on addressing your own health and toxin exposure.