The Science of Memory Extinction: Microglia and memory pruning

by Samoon Ahmad • February 17, 2020

As seen in Psychology Today. In “Funes the Memorious,” a short story by Argentinian writer Jorge Luis Borges, the narrator describes his relationship with the fictional character Ireneo Funes, who has suffered an accident that has left his body partially paralyzed. His memory, however, has been awoken to its full potential; Funes can remember everything […]

The Anatomy of Insomnia: The neurological and psychological correlates of troubled sleep

by Samoon Ahmad • January 24, 2020

As seen in Psychology Today. Insomnia is the most common sleep condition in the world, with half of adults globally reporting occasional episodes. Chronic insomnia, though far less prevalent, affects as many as 10-15% of the adult population. Though these sleep problems are extremely common, the neurobiological mechanisms behind insomnia are not entirely understood. Research […]

Let There Be Light: How Light Therapy Can Treat Depression and SAD

by Samoon Ahmad • January 3, 2020

As seen in Psychology Today. Many individuals struggle with low mood and lack of motivation during the late-autumn and winter months. For some, these symptoms may be indistinguishable from depression. When this happens, the condition is known as seasonal depression or seasonal affective disorder (appropriately named SAD). One may think that the reasons why these […]