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Fact Vs. Fiction: 6 Major Myths About Anxiety Disorder

by Samoon Ahmad • August 2, 2017

Anxiety Disorder is a very challenging illnesses to diagnose and treat. While it is normal for a person to experience occasional anxiety during any given day, it is not normal for anxiety to chronically interfere with one’s day-to-day ability to function. Unfortunately, the complexity around anxiety has led to a plethora of misinformation on this illness. […]

The Effect of Marijuana on Your Dreams

by Samoon Ahmad • July 5, 2017

When you think of the effects of marijuana, you might think of the movies: stoner montages and teen party sequences. You might be a regular or occasional user, or have experimented with the substance at some point in your life. But one thing you probably don’t consider when you think of marijuana is how it […]

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Is Negative Thinking Sabotaging Your Diet?

by Samoon Ahmad • June 13, 2017

It couldn’t be a more perfect day for a summer picnic. The sun is out, family is gathered in the park, and the picnic table is lined with blueberry pie, lemon dessert, cookies, and more. The spread of desserts is incredibly enticing, but as you eye up the goodies, it hits you: What about my […]