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Are Seniors Going to Pot? Evidence suggests cannabis use is growing among America’s elderly

by Samoon Ahmad • March 26, 2019

As seen in Psychology Today Medical marijuana (or medical cannabis) has been used to bring relief to patients who suffer from a wide variety of symptoms for more than two decades. It has shown to be an effective treatment for individuals with specific forms of epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and those wrestling with the most unpleasant […]

What Adult ADHD Looks Like

What Adult ADHD Looks Like

by Samoon Ahmad • March 19, 2019

Adult ADHD is more common than you might you think. As seen in Psychology Today Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder is a well-known affliction that is characterized by difficulties in impulse control, hyperactivity, and a reduced ability to concentrate for extended periods of time. While it is typically considered to be an issue afflicting children and young […]

Lavender Oil's Effects on Anxiety

Lavender Oil’s Effects on Anxiety

by Samoon Ahmad • March 12, 2019

Flower power or purple placebo? As seen in Psychology Today Herbs, flowers, and other plants have been used for medicinal purposes for millennia. There is evidence suggesting that the herb yarrow was used as long as 60,000 years ago in what is modern day Iraq to treat wounds. Evidence also suggests that ancient Europeans used the fruit found in birch […]