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Mental Health and Dementia: New Findings Promote Lifestyle Modifications

by Samoon Ahmad • July 24, 2019

As seen in Psychology Today. Dementia is, unfortunately, a very common phenomenon among the elderly. As of 2017, there were as many as 44 million individuals worldwide living with dementia. In the United States, as many as one in three seniors has some form of dementia when they pass away. More than just being a mental health issue, […]

Meditation and Mental Health: Does the Science Support the Hype

by Samoon Ahmad • July 17, 2019

As seen in Psychology Today. For just about all of us, the mind is in a constant state of activity. We find ourselves overrun with ideas, emotions, and memories that can make it difficult to find and maintain clarity. This can leave us feeling stressed out, lacking in focus, and needing to catch our breath. […]

Defining Moderate Drinking: When Science Says Enough is Enough

by Samoon Ahmad • July 11, 2019

As seen in Psychology Today. For many Americans, summer is the most relaxing time of the year. Particularly when the weather is nice, millions of people around the country choose to spend the day or evening outside, enjoying the company of friends and family while lighting up the grill and having a few drinks. It […]