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Refresh Your Health With A Detox & Cleanse At The Integrative Center For Wellness

by Samoon Ahmad • April 15, 2016

At the Integrative Center for Wellness, we believe that “Spring cleaning” is about more than cleaning out your home or apartment. Our bodies also deserve a little TLC during this time of renewal.  Our physical health is dependent on the body’s ability to do its job. Yet, day in and day out, our bodies are […]

Understanding And Treating Depression at the Integrative Center For Wellness

by Samoon Ahmad • March 30, 2016

 “Cheer up.” Those two simple words are an example of one of the misunderstandings surrounding depression today. Depression is not a matter of being happy or unhappy. It’s a real, chronic health issue that affects 1 in 10 Americans at any point in time. But unlike the physical ailments medical doctors treat daily, mental health […]

Mental Health, Neurotransmitters And Your Brain

by Samoon Ahmad • February 17, 2016

Depression. Anxiety. Bipolar disorder. ADHD. Once considered signs of “being crazy,” these illnesses and more are slowly being recognized for what they are: health issues that need to be addressed with dignity, respect, and treatment solutions that make a difference in patients’ lives. Just as we would expect doctors to treat a broken bone or […]