Mental Health

Bipolar Disorder And Your Body: A Surprising Connection

by Samoon Ahmad • December 1, 2016

Addressing mental illness in a full, comprehensive manner is one of the keystones of our operations at the Integrative Center for Wellness. This approach to treatment helps our patients avoid serious pitfalls related to their conditions; and this is especially true when it comes to illnesses such as bipolar disorder.  A complicated, misunderstood illness, bipolar disorder […]

Mental Health, Neurotransmitters And Your Brain

by Samoon Ahmad • February 17, 2016

Depression. Anxiety. Bipolar disorder. ADHD. Once considered signs of “being crazy,” these illnesses and more are slowly being recognized for what they are: health issues that need to be addressed with dignity, respect, and treatment solutions that make a difference in patients’ lives. Just as we would expect doctors to treat a broken bone or […]