Stuttering is Rarely a Stand Alone Affliction

by Samoon Ahmad • April 27, 2018

Though stuttering may seem to be an issue that is entirely physical, new studies have found that the affliction has multiple components. While this may seem like a surprise, some of the most promising new research into stuttering has found that it is far more neurological in nature than previously thought. In fact, these studies […]

Managing and Thriving with a Stutter

by Samoon Ahmad • April 19, 2018

Stuttering can be an embarrassing and debilitating problem. It can be especially difficult for children who may opt to withdraw from social situations to avoid being mocked by classmates. It can also be difficult for adults who would prefer to avoid feelings of shame, self-consciousness and awkwardness with peers. What may surprise you is that […]

Can a Heart Test Help Tell the Difference between BiPolar Disorder and Depression?

by Samoon Ahmad • November 28, 2017

“While this is an important finding that merits further research, I would caution clinical application and oversimplifying diagnosis. Overall, this data does not validate cause and effect; there are numerous other variables to consider in determining diagnosis; and medicines to treat these conditions also affect heart rate. Patients and clinicians should not assume that an […]