Understanding And Treating Depression at the Integrative Center For Wellness

by Samoon Ahmad • March 30, 2016

 “Cheer up.” Those two simple words are an example of one of the misunderstandings surrounding depression today. Depression is not a matter of being happy or unhappy. It’s a real, chronic health issue that affects 1 in 10 Americans at any point in time. But unlike the physical ailments medical doctors treat daily, mental health […]

Slow and Steady: Safely Ending and Adjusting Psychiatric Medications

by Samoon Ahmad • January 29, 2016

Since 2013, multiple articles and surveys have reported that around one in five Americans take at least one psychiatric medication daily as part of their treatment plans. But what happens when someone decides they no longer want to take their current medication?  Every year, a number of individuals make the decision to stop taking their […]