Mental Health

Acknowledging Mental Illness: a First Step in Combatting Gun Violence

by Samoon Ahmad • May 7, 2018

CNN’s Van Jones welcomed James Shaw Jr. onto his show over the weekend. Mr. Shaw is famous for demonstrating a great deal of courage when he disarmed and tackled the man who opened fire at a Nashville Waffle House in April, thereby saving perhaps dozens of lives. Much of the interview focused on Mr. Shaw’s […]

What Happens To Your Brain When You Take Xanax

by Samoon Ahmad • March 22, 2017

  Dr. Samoon Ahmad, a practicing psychopharmacologist and psychiatrist at the Integrative Center for Wellness, discusses the short- & long-term effects of Xanax on the brain in a featured Business Insider video. “I know plenty of people who say they have anxiety and take Xanax—look how calm it makes them. It’s so relaxing, it’s like […]

Bipolar Disorder Advocates Are Role Models For a Full Life

by Samoon Ahmad • January 27, 2017

By now, Carrie Fisher’s Prozac pill-shaped urn is an internet sensation. While many are chuckling at the seeming novelty of the situation, there’s a fitting reason for the pill-themed funeral. Not only did Fisher battle bipolar disorder, depression, and addiction in her lifetime, she was also an outspoken advocate for mental health. Fisher was first […]