Understanding the Buzz About Magic Mushrooms: A look at how psilocybin affects the brain

by Samoon Ahmad • March 30, 2020

As seen in Psychology Today. Cultures throughout the world have used plants and fungi with psychedelic properties for millennia to produce altered states of mind. More than just temporarily transforming the lens through which one sees the world, these drugs were considered sacred because those who took them frequently had mystical or religious experiences. To […]

Anxiety in the Time of COVID-19: How an improved diet may be your secret weapon

by Samoon Ahmad • March 25, 2020

As seen in Psychology Today. Keeping a wellness regimen during a time of crisis is obviously difficult. Although many of us find ourselves with an abundance of free time, trying to remain healthy and active is a struggle because we are still trying to acclimate ourselves to a new reality that is defined by social distancing […]

The Science of Memory Extinction: Microglia and memory pruning

by Samoon Ahmad • February 17, 2020

As seen in Psychology Today. In “Funes the Memorious,” a short story by Argentinian writer Jorge Luis Borges, the narrator describes his relationship with the fictional character Ireneo Funes, who has suffered an accident that has left his body partially paralyzed. His memory, however, has been awoken to its full potential; Funes can remember everything […]