Technological Change and Mental Health: How will the workforce of the future cope with the 4th industrial revolution?

by Samoon Ahmad • June 22, 2020

This article was published on KevinMD and Psychology Today. Work is a necessary part of life. More than simply a means to a paycheck, work gives individuals a sense of dignity and accomplishment. Feeling as though one is participating in meaningful work, whether it is contributing to a massive project or an individual artistic pursuit, […]

The Widowhood Effect and COVID-19: What seniors need to know.

by Samoon Ahmad • June 18, 2020

This article was published on KevinMD and Psychology Today. The coronavirus has taken a major toll on virtually all aspects of our lives, especially for those of us who live in urban areas. As many others have rightfully pointed out, the dangers of the disease extend well beyond the physical complications caused by the SARS-CoV-2 […]

Diabetes, Depression, and Diet: How our food choices can impact body and mind

by Samoon Ahmad • April 27, 2020

As seen in Psychology Today. Three of the most burdensome and unfortunately commons conditions affecting people in the United States are obesity, diabetes, and depression. The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention found that the prevalence of obesity in 2017-18 in the United States was 42.4% (around 138 million people). Meanwhile, the CDC estimates that […]